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Industrial Pallet Trucks Adelaide – Distribution of Highlift, Manual, Electric and Powered Drive Pallet Trucks For Business





What Pallet Truck Is Right For You?

Many business owners will experience tremendous benefits when using pallet trucks Adelaide. As a matter of fact, they are the best way to move pallets around whether for loading a vehicle or for stacking them in a warehouse. Truthfully, the pallet truck is a very common mechanical tool. It is always used to properly and efficiently move pallets and stillages from one location to another. It is one of the most commonly used items around the world.

ITEC, also known as Industrial Truck & Equipment, is one of the leading providers of pallet trucks all throughout Australia. We offer a wide range of products that are both capable of moving narrow pallets as well as standard pallets.

No matter what, our customers will find the perfect pallet trucks Adelaide available today. We only sell the top-of-the-line equipment, so you know that you are buying the best of the best when you do business with us.

We will now look at the various types of pallet trucks below.

Types of Pallet Trucks Adelaide:

  • Quick lift pallet trucks – as you can imagine, the name basically says it all. The quick lift pallet trucks are very similar to standard pallet trucks with one major difference. The pallet jack user can reach the required height by pumping far less than your typical hydraulic unit.

This is very beneficial because it requires less work and it moves much faster.

  • Standard pallet jacks – the standard pallet jack is 1150 mm. There are wider models that are also available that range in various lengths.

And the minimum fork height for the standard pallet trucks Adelaide is 75 mm to 85 mm.

  • Four directions pallet trucks Adelaide – the four directions pallet trucks are also known as traverse pallet trucks. Obviously it’s quite evident what this pallet truck is capable of doing. It has the ability to move in all four directions and the rollers are all positioned at 90°.

When the lift reaches a certain height, sideways movement is capable of occurring.

  • High lift manual pallet trucks – as the name says, the high lift manual pallet trucks Adelaide are capable of lifting pallets much higher than your standard model. When companies need a higher lift truck of this kind, the high lift manual pallet trucks are the best option available today.

Contact ITEC immediately to find out more about our pallet trucks, ask any questions or request a quote.

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