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At ITEC, the Industrial Truck & Equipment Co., we work diligently to provide top-quality products, phenomenal service and prices that can’t be beat in the industrial truck industry. It is our goal, and always has been over the last 70 years since we opened our company, to make our clients happy.

More importantly than anything else, we work our tails off to get the best industrial truck equipment for our clients. Since we have been in this industry since 1945, it is safe to say that we understand the industrial truck business.

No matter what our clients happen to look for, whether they desire pallet trucks Adelaide, hand trucks, ladders, plastic bins, plastic crates, casters, trolleys, or anything else that we sell, please understand that we will do everything that we can to make sure that you, our valued customer, are taken care of properly.

We are one of the premier providers of industrial trucks and equipment in and throughout Adelaide and other parts of Australia, and over the last 70 years we have created a fantastic reputation in this industry. We are well known, liked and trusted by businesses all over the country.

Business owners understand the value of doing business with a company that has been involved in their industry for as long as we have. You understand the value because you understand that you’re dealing with a company that knows their industry inside and out. And by dealing with a company that knows their industry inside and out, you recognize that a company like ours can help you every step of the way no matter what type of industrial trucks or equipment you might need.

Feel free to contact ITEC at your earliest convenience. Call us if you would like to receive a quote or ask us anything if you have any questions or concerns.